Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Richest Person in Delhi is not Vashishtha Kapoor

Here is the post about the riches person in Delhi and Delhi NCR. We are not talking about Ghaziabad or Noida. Delhi is the city of hearts and this guy has a broken one.

Do you want to get in touch with the person having a good approach? Sorry, you need to contact the real one. This is written with clear intentions to trick you out.

Yes, its me. Vashishtha Kapoor. Not the richest person in delhi.

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richest person in Delhi NCR
Not the richest person in Delhi. 
Richest person in Delhi is not me.
not me.

I am a blogger, writer, search engine optimization executive and the one who handles digital marketing projects at my own. Grew in a small city Kanpur in the heart of Uttar Pradesh and moved to New Delhi for career motivation.

You can contact me at 000-000-0000

Do not worry. Finding me over google is not that difficult. You're just a search away.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Top 10 Richest Person in Kanpur

Here is the list of top 10 riches persons in Kanpur India. Kanpur is a place where most of the business of Leather is contributed in the GDP.

If you are looking to contact someone who is one of the top 10 riches person in Kanpur India.

Kanpur India
Most rich person in kanpur`

top 10 richest person in kanpur - top rich person in kanpur UP, UP ka bhokaali aadmi
top 10 richest person in kanpur
Now moved from kanpur. He was the richest person in Kanpur
Vashishtha Kapoor (Author)

You can contact him at 000-000-000-000

Moreover, This is a fun filled post to manipulate something. Let's see what is happening after this post gets published. It is written with clear intentions to make some fun. :

top 10 richest person in kanpur

top 10 richest person in kanpur UP and India..

Friday, 22 May 2015

Why Optimizer is the Sexiest WordPress Theme

There is a ocean of free wordpress themes on official wordpress org themes gallery but worthy themes are very hard to find out. Sometimes deserving themes are left unseen.

Here I am presenting the All new Optimizer Wordpress theme which is free to download and free to use with a few locked features.

The Theme comes in both free and paid version. Free version of the theme can be downloaded from the official layerthemes website and can be used on unlimited domains for free. But you will get alerts and emails for the maximum of one domain only.
Optimizer Sexiest WordPress Theme

Optimizer Wordpress MultiPurpose theme Features

The number of features in the theme is more than tens. You can customize it with Theme customizer and with the help of Theme options as well. A bundle of color combinations are available on theme options. 

1. Customizable

This is the ultimately fully customizable theme available of and Layerthemes Wordpress themes store. The multipurpose theme can be edited with ease of hands with putting one's hands in the dirt of coding. 
Starting from the header and ending to the footer section, even a pixel can be customized with the ease of mind and hands,

2. Sliders

slider options in optimizer wordpress themeThere are 5 types of sliders to chose from. You can test each of them and check which works for you. Every type of the slider can be edited and personalized. 
Sliders Indeed are the genies of website designs. And one grabs give genies in a single bottle when downloads Optimizer Free version for or LayerThemes web store.

3. Colors and Fonts
Colors wordpress theme

Upload your own font and use it on your very own website with Optimizer theme or select from 671 splendid Google Fonts. Also choose one of the best color combination that match your interest and that suits you best. There are unlimited color scheme options to choose from.

Posts and pages templates

Posts and Page Templates .4

Optimizer comes with 5 posts and 6 page templates to give you the power of ultimate customization in your website.
Here you find the infinity of alternatives to choose from. Full width homepage, left sidebar, both sidebar and right sidebar and even one page site can be designed easily.

mobilegeddon mobile friendly wordpress theme

Perfect for MobileGeddon .5

No matter to worry about mobile friendliness because this theme fit for any kind of browser and any type of device. Mobilegeddon update of Google does not effect you negatively in any case if you use this theme on your blog/website.

Security of WP

Fast Loading and Extremely Secure .6

Optimizer has the fastest loading score which makes your wordpress website or blog ultra fast. As told bby the experts, Fast loading is also a positive signal for website ranking and the same happens when you install this cute wordpress theme.

Test files importable  Easy to Import Test Files .7

Easily import presets to make your website look as seen in the demos. All the presets are free to downloads on Layerthemes wordpress themes store.
There is bundle of 12 Preset available to download for free upto now are added regularly.

Why Buy Optimizer Pro

So far as we know many plus in the features and other things one can do with the Optimizer free version theme, Pro Version should be more profitable that that to be worth the price. And as I personally have used this theme for my own wordpress blog, I will say, "Optimizer Pro really worth $49.

Some features are not given in the free version of the theme. With a PRO version of the theme. one need not to code even a single HTML tag in the Editor files. Each and every pixel of the website layout and appearance will be adjustable from the theme options.

Final Words by Me

Examining even feature of the theme thinly, I have found zero problem operating and designing my blog on this theme. Everything written on the theme page is true and perfect.
  • SEO Ready-ness is just Divine
  • Loading speed with WP Super Cache is Awesome
  • Since I am Just puzzled to select the color scheme that will fit my blog, I am changing it very frequently to find the best match that works.
  • Fonts Options are also sexy.

Fabulous WordPress Theme

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How to Create High Quality Backlinks for your Blog

On internet, creating high quality backlink is indeed a very hard nut to crack for any webmaster or SEO expert but there are a bunch of cool and easy ways to do it. So make really valuable backlinks for your blog/website a few resources can help you as below.  You need to know a few things before you start out genrating some for your blog or website.

What to Check before Making a backlink?

You need to check some crucial thing before you think of creating or asking to create a link back to your site/blog. A checklink to check out before is as below.

The PageRank of the domain you're going to get link back.
Domain authority and Page Authority allotted by MOZ.
The Link thus created will be contexual or not.
If the domain is .GOV or .ORG one

Above four things will make a pretty much sure about the quality of the link you will create.

How To Create High Quality Backlinks?

No comes question of generating some extra qualitative links in for your online portal. One can easily gather a tons of links in with bots but all them remains useless, worthless and just a part of trash. Spammy links are easy to create and there comes some difficulties getting one worthy.
How to make high quality backlinks
As clear it is from the above graphic presentation, There are 10 working ways to grab some worthy links. You can download the above Infographic Click here. Or embed this infographic on your website or blog with the below code.



<a alt="How to Create High Quality Backlinks For your Blog" target="_blank" href=""> <img src="" /></a></p>




Infographic Source: <a href="" title="YesIamBlogger" target="_blank">YesIamBlogger</a>

Hellow. The Story is not over still.

Read how you can create a bundle of precious backlinks for website.

1. Create Ebooks

There are a lot of places to upload your PDF Ebooks and get some backlinks and traffic. Writing ebooks give two fold advantage. Not only Links but also traffic is gained by your blog by way of document submission.

2. Offer FreeBies

Mostly people like something for free and they are attracted towards it. Almost Fifty percent of them share whatever is being provided for free over internet. You can have any part of your work as freebie. I bet, people will link to your blog automatically. Best practices shows that anything getting viral is because of auto promotion by audience.

3. Guest Blogging

In fact, guest blogging is the best tactic one can execute to get worthy links. But getting an approval for your posts on other blogs is not that easy. You shall have to write top quality posts to get a place in those blogs. But the result is precious.

4. Video Blogging

Video Sharing is also a fabulous path to get unlimited high quality backlinks. Youtube backlinks are never worthless. You get a link from one of the Top 100 websites in the world. To create some worthy one's refer to Top 4 video sharing websites.

5. Participate Online Forums

One can test his skills helping others on Internet Forums of related topic. Whereever its resonable, give link to your blog post to help some needy one's.  This is the most working and used trick of webmasters.

6. Write Interesting and Long Post

Once you get success putting the impression of your words ont he head of your audience, he is most likely to share your post with his friends and incase he himself is a blogger, chances to get shared on a popular blog becomes high. Thus you create links automatically. But you ought to be quiet careful with the content. Making it long and interesting should be your first priority. Wile making it thousand words, make sure it does not lack the objectivity factor.

7. Join All Social Networks

Joining all of the networks leverage you with atleast one backlink per social network you join on your own profile page you create there. You can get many more opportunities on social media.

8. Share your articles in Articles Directories

Share your articles short and distint version on as many article directories as you can. There are more than 30 article directories where your articles will be approved instantly and one ought not to wait for approval.

9. Blog Commenting

You always have this way to communicate with any blog owner. Commenting option enables you to stick a HTML backlink on the blog. Sometimes the link becomes a homepage link for a while in case when the blog has a recent comments widget on the homepage of the blog. That backlink is very powerful.

10. Create Shareable Infographics

People understand more by visuals. So you can create infographics to let them know in a creative way. You can allow them to embed it on their blog and ask them to share or download it. Put link and coding to share the infographic and see results.

Best Premium Infographics PSD Templates Download

Design Infographics with Premium PSD Templates in Vector Files and put some stars to your blog or website by providing something extra to your audience. There are more than 2k Premium PSD Infographic Templates available to shop and download on Graphicriver which is the signature of International quality. A bundle of Free Templates is also downloadable here.

Best premium PSD templates for infographics

Puzzle Pie Chart 3 Items PSD template

To Display Three Options to choose from 

Visuals for Alternatives Presentation

Minimal Timeline Infographic PSD template

Business Teamwork Infographic template

Infographic Brochure Kit No 14 By Bestsellers

Shopping Template

Set of 9 Flat Infographic Options 

Ecology Infographic

4 in 1 Business Infographic Bundle

School infographic template

Modern Infographic Puzzle Template

8 Hot things you can do for free on Internet

8 cool things to do on internet
The story of ultimate entertainment and education is not over yet on internet. There is a lot more remaining to be done by you on internet. Besides getting social on Facebook and twitter, there exist many things you can do on internet while its your spare time and even for free. Popular scholars and persons have proved that the most cool things are always free of cost.

1. Learn Coding

Learn coding onlineYou can learn coding of any kind on CodeAcademy. Not only Code academy but also W3Schools and Codeschool provide free code training and tutorials. If you've money to spend, then Code School can also provide you a digital certificate of getting knowledge of computer languages. You can find answers and perfect solutions of your coding problems for free on Stackoverflow as well which is a Web design language forum run by StackExchange.

2. Read Ebooks

Read online books for free
One can easily entertain oneself by reading online Ebooks on OpenLibrary or Calibre-Ebook. There is a bundle of important educational ebook available for free to download on Bookboon. The resources does not end yet, You can download Ebook for your kindle on MandyBooks as well. Few premium ebooks stores are also selling books from bestsellers that you can buy online on Flipkart, Ebay and Amazon.

3. Expert a Language

Learn a language onlineAlso give new heights to your interest towards languages study on internet with Duolingo. One can learn to speak and write German, Italian, French and many more languages for free on Duolingo. Livemocha and LearnaLanguage are also alternatives to Duolingo,

4. Gaming

Play online games for freePlay games when you feel tired of putting pressure on your brain. GamesGames and Miniclip Provide you free gaming online to relax yourself and give you a peace of mind. Gaming is the ultimate mean to relax up your mind and get a new refreshed energy. You can Recharge yourself with playing online games.

5. Join Free Course Online with Top Universities

Top universities
You can register yourself on Coursera for educating yourself online with Top International universities. University of Melbourne and Manchester can be the best place to conduct your study online. Its a matter of pride that you'll have some study in well known universities of the world. You can show this off to your friends as well. Whatever, you'll gain useful knowledge here.

6. Get Medicines

Get medicines
Now you can save 80% on your medical prescriptions on GoodRX.
This huge discount on medicine can save your pocket from getting loose in hard times. This by some manner will surely make your mind and soul happy.

7. Listen to your Favorite Music

Anytime you'll never feel bored. Because you've the biggest music library on internet with Spotify. On Gaana website you can create a playlist of your favorite tracks and listen to them online. Music makes your soul dynamic and give a new life to the soul.


8. Travel Across the World

You can see the world map on Google maps for free. With a live street and picture gallery view, you can have a glimpse of popular places around the world. From the TajMahal to the Mount Evrest. TripAdvisor can tell you about vacation travel plannings as well.